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Mental Health

Your mind is a very powerful thing. 

IT IS OKAY NOT TO BE OKAY, but do not let it defeat you


Daily Affirmations

Grab some sticky notes and write down positive affirmations and motivational wording. Post these sticky notes up in places you will see every single day


Unplug From The World

Life can be overwhelming at times, choose one day out of your seven day week or one full hour out of your twenty four hours and UNPLUG. Unplug from social medias, unplug from work, unplug from every single thing that may be going on around you and just breathe, mediate, and/or learn your inner self more. What makes you tick? Why did you react to a situation a certain way? What truly makes you happy?

Camp Fire

Releasing Negative Energies

Set a timer, write for a minimum of five minutes. Write about every single negative thought you have been having and/or things that may have been bothering your spirit. After the timer stops, DO NOT REREAD WHAT YOU HAVE WROTE (it'll be as if you are reinfecting your self all over again. BURN THE SHEET OF PAPER (safely) to release those negative energies.

Mental Health: Tips & Advice
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